MFOC improved

When I started using MFOC, from a the description (in Dutch) at, I immediately ran into the problem described here. A bit strange seemed, that reading the card sector after sector with 10 different predefined keys did not crash the reader, while immediately after starting to try to calculate new keys, the reader would…

De perfecte misdaad

Vandaag is er veel te doen over de hack die beschreven staat op Wat nog even ontbreekt, is de methode om echt ondetecteerbaar gratis te reizen: de perfecte misdaad.

Walkera helicopters under Linux – part 3

In part one we built a kernel module and put it somewhere in the filesystem. In part 2, we changed the inputattach utility to be able to use the new transmitter. Now we’re ready for the real part: install the Heli-X simulator.

Walkera helicopters under Linux – part 1

A couple of months ago, I bought a Walkera Dragonfly #04, just for fun. While actually flying an RC helicopter is great fun, sometimes you will want to use a simulator. As Linux is my platform of choice, I tried using the Walkera transmitter with a serial cable to run a heli-sim. I found out…