Automatically convert .msg → .eml

Too many folks these days rely on some sort of Cloud hosted e-mail through one of the Big Five. Mail files are thus no longer .eml files, but .msg – a Microsoft Outlook proprietary format. Irony has it, that you will share your mail with 766 (or so) external partners by using Outlook – but…

Ǫnjuisŧ geşpəłd

NRC Handelsblad, de zelfbenoemde kwaliteitskrant van Nederland, spelt “om redenen van consistentie en kwaliteit”, buitenlandse namen verkeerd. Kan de kwaliteit niet op een andere manier hooggehouden worden?

HomeAssistant network MTU

I’m running HomeAssistant on a virtual PC, HAOS and all, but I’m using a tunnel that doesn’t have a 1500 bytes ethernet MTU. How to change the MTU?

Repareer de Nespresso Expert – deel 2

Zoals eerder beschreven is de Nespresso Expert goed te repareren, al is het een pittige klus. Maar: ik beschreef dat de brewing unit (de zeteenheid) vervangen moest worden: dat klopt niet. De plastic as moet vervangen worden.

how to export keys; trusted.gpg DEPRECIATION

If you are getting a “Key is stored in legacy trusted.gpg keyring (/etc/apt/trusted.gpg), see the DEPRECATION section in apt-key(8) for details” message, this post is for you. Export existing keys to keep using them.

Dell XPS – add disk encryption

The Dell XPS and Precision laptops with Linux pre-installed are great for personal and business use. Unfortunately, they lack an important feature: their disks have been factory pre-installed without encryption. Read below how to add that to the system without having to reinstall.

bare bones U8g2

I have been programming STM32 microcontrollers lately and came across the u8g2 display library. It’s a great library and it is full of functionality – but it lacks a bit of documentation if all you want is use it in an embedded C environment. Read below how to use U8g2 with a HX1230 display and…