An IPv6 MTU path discovery bug

While installing a new server last week, my (SSH / TCP) connection seemed to suffer from some sort of hanging; randomly. I tried to figure out what was going on and it didn’t take long to find…

IP addresses for your Hetzner machine

We lease a couple of machines at and recently, I looked to improve my initial Easy Setup manual, so I could also use the IPv4 “main” address for a virtual machine. This leaves the main server (the “host”) without an IPv4 address. Please read below how to proceed.

Syslog-ng intrusion detection

There seems to be a problem using the file() destination for /proc files in Linux. When implementing Securing Your Server With Syslog-NG you will run into it. Please read below.

(Not) rooting RK3066 systems

The update updated, 2014-04-28: unbricking is fairly easy, see Please note that I received some reports from people that tried to flash their RK3066 stuff – but it would not boot afterwards. And in fact, that’s what I experienced when I tried to flash my Minix Neo X5.

Oude GPS-tracks

Oeps, opeens zie ik dat mijn GPS-tracks Kopenhagen – Amsterdam helemaal niet gelinkt staan. Hierbij alsnog (2 jaar oud).

Wat is waar?

Vanochtend las ik een nieuwtje op Retecool: Neil Young komt met een vervanger voor MP3. Het bericht klonk zo mistig, dat ik eens op zoek ging naar de werkelijkheid achter het bericht en die bleek treurig.

Social spam

I have mentioned this before: social media are a growing target for spammers. Unfortunately, there is no way to report mass abuse. All you can do is report individual spammers, while what we do need is a mass spammer reporting tool.

Securing your server with Syslog-ng

There are many programs that help you secure your servers. There are simple firewalling programs and there are complex network intrusion detection systems. Depending on your demands, there seems to be a solution for everyone. Unless you’re picky and you think you can do better – like I did, when I wrote my own combination…