Laser tag – optics

As noted before, laser tag actually is infrared tag. To be able to focus the infrared beam properly, you need a lens.

Let’s build a laser tag – part 1

I’ve been building a laser tag system for my kids and it’s in a working state now. So I’m sharing my instructions with the rest of the world here. Enjoy! It might take some time to document everything, so stay tuned.

Set Windows time at boot – the ultimate reference

While preparing some 200 non-domain-registered Windows 7 systems as POS systems, we came across a couple of dead BIOS batteries. Time on these machines would start 1-1-2009 every time and while you could forcibly setup the correct time by pushing a couple of buttons inside of Windows, the question arose if it would be possible…

Upside Downternet v2.0

I’ve always wanted to implement upside-down-ternet, but lacked the resources. But now it’s 2016 and you can make your wifi-stealing-neighbour’s web browser do all the hard work. This means that a simple OpenWRT router will have enough power to flip the internet – all of it, except for the ssl-protected areas. Update 2019/2020: this site…

Synology Crash Recovery

So, you own a Synology Disk Station and a disk broke. You messed up by trying to replace the wrong disk. You tried to fix it by reinserting the right disk but that didn’t help. Then you messed up even further by trying to change the volume – or something. You can’t even remember exactly…