Zhen Hua transmitter serial cable

As my blog posting probably attracts other people hacking away on their Walkera’s, someone asked me if I knew the pinouts of the Walkera-serial connector. Well, I didn’t know, but I do have such a cable, so I measured the connectors.

Read more for the pinout.

Serial connectors are labeled 1 to 9, see here for the right pinout. The connector on the back of the Walkera transmitter is a 4 pin mini-DIN connector, as can be seen in the Wikipedia-entry.

Now connect:

mini-DIN pen 1 to serial pen 7 (RTS)
mini-DIN pen 2 to serial pen 2 (RxD)
mini-DIN pen 3 to serial pen 5 (GND)
mini-DIN pen 4 to serial pen 3 (TxD)

That’s all. Please note, that I don’t give any guarantee if this works. This is how I measured my cable, it is not necessarily how your cable should work. (If you want a guarantee, then go buy something 😉

Good luck!

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