While recently getting a rather large mail archive to search through, in PST-format (obviously) some of the mail boxes contained e-mails that had “rtf-body.rtf” for body text. Yeah, Microsoft really likes Linux.

Automatically convert .msg → .eml

Too many folks these days rely on some sort of Cloud hosted e-mail through one of the Big Five. Mail files are thus no longer .eml files, but .msg – a Microsoft Outlook proprietary format. Irony has it, that you will share your mail with 766 (or so) external partners by using Outlook – but…

how to export keys; trusted.gpg DEPRECIATION

If you are getting a “Key is stored in legacy trusted.gpg keyring (/etc/apt/trusted.gpg), see the DEPRECATION section in apt-key(8) for details” message, this post is for you. Export existing keys to keep using them.

Dell XPS – add disk encryption

The Dell XPS and Precision laptops with Linux pre-installed are great for personal and business use. Unfortunately, they lack an important feature: their disks have been factory pre-installed without encryption. Read below how to add that to the system without having to reinstall.

Upside Downternet v2.0

I’ve always wanted to implement upside-down-ternet, but lacked the resources. But now it’s 2016 and you can make your wifi-stealing-neighbour’s web browser do all the hard work. This means that a simple OpenWRT router will have enough power to flip the internet – all of it, except for the ssl-protected areas. Update 2019/2020: this site…

Syslog-ng intrusion detection

There seems to be a problem using the file() destination for /proc files in Linux. When implementing Securing Your Server With Syslog-NG you will run into it. Please read below.