An IPv6 MTU path discovery bug

While installing a new server last week, my (SSH / TCP) connection seemed to suffer from some sort of hanging; randomly. I tried to figure out what was going on and it didn’t take long to find…

IP addresses for your Hetzner machine

We lease a couple of machines at and recently, I looked to improve my initial Easy Setup manual, so I could also use the IPv4 “main” address for a virtual machine. This leaves the main server (the “host”) without an IPv4 address. Please read below how to proceed.

Syslog-ng intrusion detection

There seems to be a problem using the file() destination for /proc files in Linux. When implementing Securing Your Server With Syslog-NG you will run into it. Please read below.

(Not) rooting RK3066 systems

The update updated, 2014-04-28: unbricking is fairly easy, see Please note that I received some reports from people that tried to flash their RK3066 stuff – but it would not boot afterwards. And in fact, that’s what I experienced when I tried to flash my Minix Neo X5.

Oude GPS-tracks

Oeps, opeens zie ik dat mijn GPS-tracks Kopenhagen – Amsterdam helemaal niet gelinkt staan. Hierbij alsnog (2 jaar oud).

Wat is waar?

Vanochtend las ik een nieuwtje op Retecool: Neil Young komt met een vervanger voor MP3. Het bericht klonk zo mistig, dat ik eens op zoek ging naar de werkelijkheid achter het bericht en die bleek treurig.